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What is YORC?

YORC Is run by Orthopaedic trainees in the Yorkshire and Humber region, to facilitate collaborative research. We aim to connect trainees with projects that will inspire them and help them develop their interest in research and further orthopaedic knowledge.  

How do I Get involved?

If you want to get involved in collaborative research please see a list of our currently recruiting projects below. Click on the Icon to see more details of each project and how you can help recruit patients and get involved. 

How do I Start a project with YORC? 

If you have a project that you would like to benefit from collarborative recruitment then get in touch with the team and we can add your project to our website, this will put you in contact with trainees from the yorskhire region who want to help with recruitment for your project. 

YORC Aims to:

  • Inspire wider involvement in research by connecting trainees with academics in the region

  • Provide access to supervisors with a track record in the area of research

  • Be inclusive and trainees from all levels of training and background to participate and collaborate

  • Collaborate to answer key research questions for patient benefit

What are the benefits for trainees?

  • Develop your research idea with expert guidance

  • Learn and develop research skills useful for future projects

  • Work toward publication to improve your CV and satisfy CCT requirements

  • Lead a research project to develop organisational and leadership skills


Meet The Team

Our Projects 

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